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Tenderness and The Aging Process

The way our beef is aged is important to us and ultimately for your enjoyment!  Natural enzymes in the meat break down the tough collagen between muscle cells are broken down during aging, this is when the moisture content is reduced and the flavours in the beef are concentrated. We dry-age our beef under carefully controlled conditions of temperature and humidity to give you amazing beef and flavours that will leave you wanting more.

Dry aging

At Beawell Grass-Fed Beef and Hanson Meats, we use the tried, tested and true dry-aging method.  In dry-aging, the sides are hung and stamped (ensuring our meat is processed specifically for our customers), in a cooler where the perfect conditions of temperature, humidity and air movement are maintained to specific regulations.

While aging, the outer layer of fat protects the beef.  After approximately two to three weeks, the beef has become wonderfully tender and is ready for our abattoir to prepare for you and your family.

Respect For Our Cattle

Our abbatoir, Hanson Meats in Cayuga, Ontario, is government-inspected, lives in the area, and treats the cattle with respect and dignity.  They are long-time professionals who take care to create the best cuts of beef from your beef.  The beef is then fresh-frozen to keep it safe from bacteria – so that none of its flavour and texture are lost.  It is then wrapped in traditional brown butcher paper or vac pac immediately after the aging process has been completed.

So how can you purchase some of our delicious natural beef?

Take A Side…

You can buy a full side of beef, for an economical price — you can work directly with our abattoir to choose how the beef will be processed and packaged!  Take the whole side or share with friends.  A wonderful option for beef at a great price.

As a small, local farm and can also sell you our beef frozen in 15 or 30 lb. collection packages called The Party Collection (15 lbs) or The Family Collection (30 lbs)”.  These options give you a mixture of delicious and varied cuts to choose whenever you need a meal or quick snack for family or friends fo delicious grass-fed beef that everyone will love.

Our “Family Collection” will fill about ¼ of your fridge freezer. 
A great selection of beef types any time that you need them
Our Party and Family Collections of beef come with a mix of outstanding cuts:

  • Superior Ground Beef

  • Tasty & Tender Steaks (assortment of Steaks such as, T-Bone, Round, Blade, etc.)…

  • 1 or 2 packages Marinating or Cutlet Beef 

  • “First-Rate” Roasts

The supply is limited…

Since we keep our herd small, we only have a limited amount of beef to sell in any given year although we do harvest throughout the year.  We recommend that you order right now so that you can be sure to get your beef when you need it.

Ordering is easy

Our Ordering Process
Our cattle are harvested throughout the year. They are processed at Hanson Meats in Cayuga. Beeves are available in quarters, halves or as a whole beef and is sold by the pound, hanging weight. Each half can be individually cut and customized to our customers wants and needs, by working with tour abattoir. You can order a whole, a half or a quarter and split it with friends or family.

Pricing is charged per pound on the animal's hanging weight.

Don't be disappointed, order early, as the supply is limited.

  • To order, contact us either via phone or email.

  • Your name will be placed on a waiting list and as time gets closer to harvesting the beef a deposit will be required if you are ordering a quarter or side.

  • When the beef is delivered to the abattoir, and processed the balance remaining is then due.

  • The abattoir or a representative from Beawell Grass Fed Beef will contact you for cutting instructions; don't worry it is a simple process that they will walk you through.

  • When the beef has been cut and wrapped to your families specifications and is ready for pickup we will contact you and arrange for pickup or delivery at Hanson Meats.

  • At the time of pickup, you will pay the abattoir directly for the cut and wrap fees.

Easy To Order:

When you are ready to order, simply call 905-651-1893 or email beawellgrassfedbeef@gmail.com

All orders and associated costs are confirmed personally.  There is a deposit required for quarter and half sides to confirm your purchase.

Link to diagram of beef cuts:

Abattoir contact information:

Hanson Meats
4643 3 Hwy, Cayuga, ON N0A 1E0